Bonne année 2020 !

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Happy New Year 2020!

The first hours of 2020 have just passed… What are my personal wishes for this new year? Let’s write from the bottom of my heart!

I wish you harmony in your being to be able to accomplish yourself fully, tone and vitality to carry out your projects and your activities, tranquility and calm when the daily life becomes complex or tedious.

On a personal level, I want to finish a writing project that is close to my heart. I am listening that the end is coming soon, probably for spring. Time for a season. I also hope to be able to help spread, shine a joyful, united, revitalizing sorority. With warm solicitude. Continue reading and opening my mind to discover new skies, unknown lands, especially in the hearts of humans.

“I give you
Wow i give you
All I am worth, what I am
My gifts, my faults
My best chances, my differences “,
Jean-Jacques Goldman, lyrics extracted from the song “Je te donne”, from the album “Non homologué”, released in 1985.

To celebrate the birthday of the Earth, our planet having made a complete turn around the Sun, I invite you to listen to a piece of music inspiring love and harmony for oneself and for others: “Source d’amour”, Source of love in English, by Michel Pépé and Logos, from the album Harmonia Terra. (When we listen, we can first of all perceive sadness, but, over the music, we can grasp in our own heart love, tenderness, solicitude… hence the title of the song).

Let’s embrace the immense sky with the sororous heart!

Sonia Kanclerski

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