Happy New Year 2021!

From land to sky via the sea.

🔗 fernandozhiminaicela. Pixabay License.

Here! The last hours of 2020 have passed and those of 2021 have already taken over… What prospects for this new year? I am a dreamer. My pupils sparkle like the stars. I can feel my heart beating harder. A word has arrived…

Together. More than a word, it invites us to come together and go beyond our individualities. “To be able to be a diversity in a singular and to be a singular in a diversity.”. I rewrite words from my poem O Freedom which invites everyone to take one’s freedom to come true this power.

And then there are also the words of the song Ensemble in VF (Together in English):

Was it may, november
Here or there?
Was it a Monday?
I only remember a huge wall
But we were together
Together we got crossed.

Come back to me
Of your travels so far
Come back to me
Everything adds to my life
I need our paths that cross
When time brings us together
Together everything is prettier ”

These lyrics of the song by Jean-Jacques Goldman from the album Songs for the feet, a canon released in 2001, resonate in chorus in my heart.

I wish us to be able to find ourselves together, beyond our personal difficulties or other daily worries. May empathy help to radiate joy and solidarity in our interpersonal relationships!

On a personal level, I completed my personal writing project, I hope to be able to embark on other projects. In a joyful, united radiance, sororates. Open up to discover new horizons, explore unknown lands, such as the hearts of humans?

And so, let’s embrace the huge sky… together!

Sonia kanclerski.

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