My personal retrospective of the year 2018

At the end of 2018, I want to navigate the waters of time!


Picto infobox retrospective.

🔗 A notebook, photos, glasses and a map.
Dariusz Sankowski. Creative Commons CC0.

My personal retrospective of the year 2018
Highlights of the year
Je retiens par ordre chronologique :

For this year 2018, I also add three big caveats to this happy melody: a fluctuating state for my health, a recurring bad luck. And especially default, lack or shortage of empathy in all circles of relations… and I am very furious of that.

La rétrospective en images

Collage of a personal retrospective of 2018.

🔗 Sonia Kanclerski. Creative Commons CC0.

Line 1:
  • The Hermione ship, moored in Rochefort,
  • Beautiful flowers offered by Christophe,
  • The big screen in the fan zone at Muret during the 2018 Soccer Men’s World Cup Final,
  • A model in the museum of automata at La Rochelle,
  • My dessert at the Moulin Fleuri restaurant in Touraine to celebrate my 40 years.
Line 2/3:
Line 4:

The words that come to me for this year:

feminism, empathy, sharings, solidarity, reflections, writings, explorations, readings, navigations, ships, ocean, theater, joys, default, lacks

Goodbye the year 2018 and hello the year 2019! 🙂

Sonia Kanclerski.

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