Ô my heart
Ô my heart

Ô my heart

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Here is a poem that I wrote when I was a student at the INSA engineering school at Toulouse (2001). The recipient was my future husband, Christophe Javouhey.

The main emotion expressed here is love.

Sonnet into French (original version):

Ô mon cœur,

En cette bien ensoleillée journée d’été,

Irrésistible, la plume m’a attirée.

Grand est mon désir de te déclarer ma flamme,

Cupidon a visé et bien troublé mon âme.


Un jour de Janvier, deux âmes se sont parlées.

Au cœur d’un bois, deux amants se sont embrassés.

Un Lac, des mots, un regard, et l’Amour surgit…

Ô Eros, le Feu brûle et sans cesse grandit.


Tu es loin de mes yeux mais si près de mon cœur,

Grâce à toi, j’ai retrouvé le cœur à l’ouvrage,

Car penser à toi m’apporte le Grand Courage.


La Foudre est donc tombée et l’Amour a pris place. (1)

Remplie d’Espoir je suis, vers l’Horizon je vais,

Car l’Avenir au bout m’attend, tenant des clefs…


Sonia Kanclerski (not yet spouse Javouhey).


(1) First version: Le Destin a frappé et l’Amour a pris place.

I prefer to replace that part of this verse that I think too violent and not right by the symbol of lightning which strikes and allows that way love to blossom 🙂


My personal translation into English:


Oh my heart,

On this sunny summer day,

Irresistible, feather attracted me.

Great is my desire to declare my flame this way,

Cupid targeted and troubled my soul profoundly.


One day in January, two souls talked.

At the heart of a wood, two lovers kissed.

A Lake, some words, a look, and Love arises…

O Eros, Fire burns and on and on rises.


You are Far from my eyes but so close to my heart,

Thanks to you, I recover the Heart to engage,

Thinking of you gets to me the Great Courage.


That way, Lightning fell and Love took all spaces.

I am filled with Hope, moving towards Horizon,

Because Future waiting for me there, holding keys…



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