Pause-café chez Sonia
Who am I?


I am. Here. Now. Be. Become. Feel.

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Who am I?

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These are several qualifiers to describe me with a zest of humor… I am or I feel being: feminist, scientist, atypical, engineer, zetetician, world citizen, sensitive, autotelic, sportswoman, playful, explorer, love of life, just myself in fact… I invite you to overfly the pictures to discover the link with me… For more details, you can click onto the picture which will teleport you somewhere… Enjoy your overfly 🙂

I am…

Descartes town hall with the statue of the philosopher.Tours and, foreground, Wilson bridge over the Loire.Photo montage of Toulouse.Muret city hall.Poland, represented with its territory, its emblem and its colors.Lake Gaube in the Pyrenees.Messier 82 galaxy.Lilium longiflorum.A drawn graphical hand.A photo of a mesclun salad and goat cheese on toasts.World airline routemap in 2009.Four types of monozygotic twins.Rosa Dame de Coeur.A representation of diversity of languages.Maille ruins after the massacre on the 25th of August in 1944.A garden with an open door.Photo of Sonia Kanclerski, in September 2012.Brest: a monument 'To the victims of asbestos'.A cloud drawn with chalk with a light bulb inside.Classical music composers montage.Lycée Descartes in Tours, France. Honorary yard side.A photo of the IUT of Tours (Grandmont campus).Logo of the INSA school at Toulouse.Two Viennese coffees served on a terrace.Wrocław city in Poland.Julia set (C = [0.285, 0.01]), a Fractal.Chess board opening Staunton.A photo of Madame Geoffrin's salon.A room of lectures.Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot as a child in a video game.Proposition of icons for free softwares.A diagram representing sciences.Pegasus roaring, digital drawing.A photo of the Civilization IV game.A mountain landscape with a cairn.A photo from the digital album.A photo of a badminton match.Un de mes poèmes.One of my poems.Open book.Banner of the Harry Potter French portal on Wikipedia.A photo of the universe of Star Trek, The Next Generation.Star Wars logo.Tau'ri dialing computer's screen with the Chulak address in Stargate.

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