Pause-café chez Sonia


During March 2013, I decided to get into an enriching project for me, but I hope for you too: the production of a personal blog, that I have finally decided to name in French “Pause-café chez Sonia”.

I intend to publish in this cafe my experiences of life that I want to share with you. You can view (during a coffee break?) the various posts that will feed this blog over time.

I want also to thank everyone who has ever crossed my path (or who still share it), and who thus contributed to illuminate my own…

To finish the first words in this blog, I want to write my favourite quote:

Words have the power to destroy and heal. When they are fair and generous, they can change the world.


Most of the pages and posts are not yet translated: thank you for your comprehension.

Enjoy discovering, your trip and smell this coffee!

Sonia Kanclerski