Welcome, Stranger!
Welcome, Stranger!

Welcome, Stranger!

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I wrote this poem at the end of December 2012 to welcome the visitor of my personal website of photos. 🙂
The main emotion that expresses itself is joy… to create. Into English (I share my personal translation):

Welcome, Stranger; here you come to look
At these few photos, that I carefully selected.
My sensitivity, my powerful feeling
Were very precious in order to guide me.

Nature offers such on our Earth,
She seems to talk from her heart, as a Mother.
Man! Did you spend time to break away?
Your look seemed dark, your eyelids closed.

Mankind leaves a trace, Beauty printed in,
We share her works, Magic expressed out.
The Artist shot… Our eye, our heart are affected.

Light can remove Veils from our heads,
Mankind can manage to break free
Only by the grace of this Enchanted World.


Pieces of information about the photo accompanying the post:

Author: Crusier

Shooting date: 05/06/2006

Shooting place: Rogow, Pologne.

Camera: Canon EOS 500D

Origin: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Acer_saccharum_Rogów.JPG?uselang=en

Description: Sugar maple leaf (Acer saccharum).

Information: Wikipedia:Picture of the Day/21 December 2011. It is this leaf that appears in symbol on the flag of Canada and the coat of arms of Quebec.

Licence: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 (untransposed).

My look: The choice to highlight a tree leaf pleases me. The color scheme on the green is well done. In addition, this picture was taken in the native country of my parents, Poland; it’s a little wink.

Sonia Kanclerski

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