Pause-café chez Sonia
My cultural outings


The Earth Exploration Hall of Science city Kolkata. June 2009.

🔗  Biswarup Ganguly. Creative Commons CC BY-SA 3.0.

My cultural outings

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Cultural eventAnimationDateKind
The house of wolves at Orlu in Ariege, FranceFamily outing2023/08/18Tourist visit
The archaeological site of Aleria in CorsicaFamily outing2022/08/19Tourist visit
The Galea Park / Parcu Galea in Taglio-Isolaccio in CorsicaFamily outing2022/08/17Tourist visit
Festival ‘Soeurcières’ #4Osez Le Féminisme 312022/06/11Feminist festival
REC 2022Sicoval et FREYA2022/04/22Science festival
Interview-dedication with Alexa FAUCHER, animated by Françoise MariottiEditions Chèvre-feuille étoilée2022/03/30Literary cafe
General Assembly for the ALDERAN associationUPP ALDERAN2022/02/19General Assembly
Abolitionist commemoration in ToulouseOsez Le Féminisme 31 and Mouvement du Nid 312021/11/25Gathering
Lecture and meeting with Rachel MoranRachel Moran, interview animated by Mouvement du Nid 31 2021/11/19Lecture (interview)
Cafeminist #20: women and sportOsez Le Féminisme 312021/10/27Cafeminist (in visio)
The Pic du MidiGuy Malatray (Duniya association)2021/10/13Scientific cafe
Latest news from the cosmos 2021Eric Lowen (ALDERAN association)2021/09/29Lecture
REC 2021Sicoval and FREYA2021/09/18Science festival
Perfect numbersRobin Whitty (Duniya association)2021/09/15Scientific cafe
Scientific knowledge, values and social practicesPierre Clément (CZLR)2021/05/29Visiolecture
3 markets for the exploitation of women’s bodies: surrogacy, prostitution and sexual assistance (FGE Forum Génération Egalité)Collectif Féministe pour le Forum Génération Egalité2021/02/16Webinaire
Happycraty, from Epicure to Julien PeronFrançoise Mariotti (CZLR)2020/12/14Visiolecture
Autumn University 2020 at MontpellierCercle Zététique Languedoc-Roussillon (CZLR)2020/09/27Lectures
Forum of feminists to think tomorrowWorld March of Women2020/09/19Forum
The Travel and Knowledge cycleEric Lowen from the ALDERAN association2020/04/13Visiolectures
The demonstration on March 8, 2020 at Toulouse for the International Day of Struggle for Women’s RightsOsez Le Féminisme 312020/03/08Demonstration
The gathering of sisters on March 7, 2020 at Folles saisons in ToulouseOsez Le Féminisme 312020/03/07Gathering
The demonstration on Saturday Novembre 23, 2019 for the elimination of the violence against women in ToulouseOsez Le Féminisme 312019/11/23Demonstration
The great summer game: spiritualism versus materialismThe associative bookstore ‘Le Salon de Lecture’ at Bagnères de Bigorre2019/08/16Philo cafe
The show ‘Footsteps and Voices’ at Bazar au Bazacle in ToulouseThe ‘Les Voix de la Métamorphose’ company and Osez Le Féminisme 312019/05/04Show
Cafeminist #4 :festive workshop around Valentine’s DayOsez Le Féminisme 312019/02/14Cafeminist
The international day of women and girls in science at the engineer school ‘INSA de Toulouse’INSA foundation2019/02/14Lecture and round table
Cafeminist #3 :workshop ‘I am not a princess’ and tasting a wafer of kings (queens ?)Osez Le Féminisme 312019/01/10Cafeminist
Why still be a feminist in 2018?PSYC & GENRE et Osez Le Féminisme 342018/05/22Cafeminist
The gender at school: from the mixed to the hidden inequalityFrançoise Mariotti (Psyc & Genre) with Jacques Gleyse, Professor of Education Sciences, University of Montpellier2018/03/06Cafe of gender
The international day of women and girls in science in ToulouseFFPU2018/02/11Scientific workshops and projection-debate
The need for recognitionFrançoise Mariotti (Psyc & Genre)2016/11/17Psycho cafe
The psychosociological approach to painFrançoise Mariotti (Psyc & Genre)2016/03/17Psycho cafe
Gattaca”, is this society that awaits us?Maud Leguistin (ALDERAN association)2016/03/05Workshop-debate
Trip to the common gender stereotypesElsa Solal and Dominique Loiseau, animation by Françoise Mariotti (Psyc & Genre)2016/03/02Cafe of gender
No to prostitution systemGeneviève Duché, animation by Françoise Mariotti (Psyc & Genre)2016/02/23Debate cafe
Good intentions and desire for changeFrançoise Mariotti (Psyc & Genre)2016/01/21Psycho cafe
The cafes of gender are ten years oldFrançoise Mariotti (Psyc & Genre)2015/10/13Cafe of gender
The need of impossibleFrançoise Mariotti (Psyc & Genre) with Patrick Lymes, a Canadian psychologist2015/07/16Psycho cafe
The right to euthanasia, a human rightsEric Lowen (ALDERAN association)2015/07/08Lecture
Thermic, electrical, hybrid: nature of the engine of my child? Part 2Nicolas Gauvrit2015/03/21Lecture
Thermic, electrical, hybrid: nature of the engine of my child? Part 1Sylvie Martins2015/03/21Lecture
Investigate about the true nature of UFOsEric Maillot (CZT of the ALDERAN association)2015/02/28Lecture
The alien traces in questionSébastien Rouquette (CZT of the ALDERAN association)2015/02/28Lecture
What is a spatial belief?Eric Lowen (CZT of the ALDERAN association)2015/02/28Lecture
Astrology refuted by astronomyJean-Noël Sarrail (CZT of the ALDERAN association)2015/02/27Lecture
25 years since the Round Table, Apolin’heureAssociation Apolina2014/12/13Round Table
How to educate emotional intelligence?Françoise Mariotti (Psyc & Genre)2014/10/16Psycho cafe
Religiosities and driftsMichel Galtier et Alain Caumont (CZLR)2014/06/29Lecture
Are we programmed to be believers?Dominique Bouëtte (CZLR)2014/06/29Lecture
The place of scientific expertise in the current issues facing the social demand and the needs of policiesPatrick Augereau (CZLR)2014/06/29Lecture
Psychotherapy and personal development: which difference?Françoise Mariotti (CZLR)2014/06/29Lecture
Ethology, the science of animal behavior, does she apply to humans?Pierre Jouventin (CZLR)2014/06/28Lecture
Climate controversy: assessment and prospectsLionel Scotto (CZLR)2014/06/28Lecture
What if Hitler would win the war? Is History deterministic or contingent?ALDERAN association2014/05/06Philo cafe
Genre studies: debunk the misconceptionsMaud Léguistin2014/03/28Lecture
Women from Greece, Galatée Kazantzaki’s gazeSimone Taillefer (Psyc & Genre)2014/03/11Cafe of gender
Are there religious roots for men-women inequality?ALDERAN association2014/03/04Philo cafe
Is courage exceptional?Françoise Mariotti (Psyc & Genre)2014/01/23Psycho cafe
Fight against violence against women. Understanding the psycho-traumatic consequences of violenceMuriel Salmona2013/12/10Lecture
Is guilt useful?Françoise Mariotti (Psyc & Genre)2013/11/21Psycho cafe
The itemisations of empathyFrançoise Mariotti (Psyc & Genre)2013/05/25Psycho cafe
Are religions successful sects?ALDERAN association2013/05/21Philo cafe
Psychotherapy and personal development: which difference?Françoise Mariotti (Psyc & Genre)2013/04/25Psycho cafe
Dignity of homosexualityEric Lowen (ALDERAN association)2013/04/24Lecture
Non-violence, how far?ALDERAN association2013/04/23Philo cafe
As human races do not exist, for which reasons is a person racist today?ALDERAN association2013/04/16Philo cafe
Can we live without forgetting? Is oblivion useful?ALDERAN association2013/03/26Philo cafe
Does chance advance us? What is the use of chance in our lives?ALDERAN association2013/03/19Philo cafe
Human Rights and Women’s RightsEric Lowen (ALDERAN association)2013/03/09Lecture
Has science got a gender?Françoise Mariotti2013/03/09Lecture
Is feminism emancipator? An emancipatory struggle, a revanchist logic or a new-righteous ideology?ALDERAN association2013/03/05Philo cafe
What do others bring to me?ALDERAN association2013/02/26Philo cafe
Róża (Rose) movie at the cinéma ABC in ToulouseAssociation Apolina2013/02/02Cinema
Are utopias achievable?ALDERAN association2013/01/29Philo cafe
Is our society more violent?ALDERAN association2013/01/08Philo cafe
Singles and search via social networksSandrine Follère, Hélène Bueno, Erwane Morette-Monthubert2012/12/05Lecture
Do we really need culture?ALDERAN association2012/12/04Philo cafe
What is being a citizen? A voter card? a passport? an attitude?ALDERAN association2012/11/20Philo cafe
What is the single looking for the loving relationship?Sandrine Follère, Hélène Bueno, Erwane Morette-Monthubert2012/11/14Lecture
Why does poetry seem disappeared from our society? Is poetry only an orphan of media or is it a deeper disenchantment?ALDERAN association2012/11/13Philo cafe
Can the fear of death be overcome?ALDERAN association2012/11/06Philo cafe
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