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My cultural outings

My cultural outings

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In this page, I mention some cultural events I attended. The list is probably not exhaustive. For some, I wrote personal notes or my thoughts and feelings in a here and now. The cultural events can be lectures, cafés philo, cafés psycho, cafés du genre, round tables, seminars, movie nights…

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For more information on the philo cafes (organization of the debates, locations, speakers), consult this page from the blog. For more information on the psycho cafes and on the gender cafes (organization of the events, locations, speakers), consult the web page of the PSYC & GENRE association from the Françoise Mariotti’s official website. A link to an article of this blog giving my personal thoughts and feelings about the event mentioned in the table would be proposed over time.

By Sonia Kanclerski, updated on 09/11/2022.

Cultural eventAnimationDateKind
The house of wolves at Orlu in Ariege, FranceFamily outing2023/08/18Tourist visit
The archaeological site of Aleria in CorsicaFamily outing2022/08/19Tourist visit
The Galea Park / Parcu Galea in Taglio-Isolaccio in CorsicaFamily outing2022/08/17Tourist visit
Festival 'Soeurcières' #4Osez Le Féminisme 312022/06/11Feminist festival
REC 2022Sicoval et FREYA2022/04/22Science festival
Interview-dedication with Alexa FAUCHER, animated by Françoise MariottiEditions Chèvre-feuille étoilée2022/03/30Literary cafe
General Assembly for the ALDERAN associationUPP ALDERAN2022/02/19General Assembly
Abolitionist commemoration in ToulouseOsez Le Féminisme 31 and Mouvement du Nid 312021/11/25Gathering
Lecture and meeting with Rachel MoranRachel Moran, interview animated by Mouvement du Nid 31 2021/11/19Lecture (interview)
Cafeminist #20: women and sportOsez Le Féminisme 312021/10/27Cafeminist (in visio)
The Pic du MidiGuy Malatray (Duniya association)2021/10/13Scientific cafe
Latest news from the cosmos 2021Eric Lowen (ALDERAN association)2021/09/29Lecture
REC 2021Sicoval and FREYA2021/09/18Science festival
Perfect numbersRobin Whitty (Duniya association)2021/09/15Scientific cafe
Scientific knowledge, values and social practicesPierre Clément (CZLR)2021/05/29Visiolecture
3 markets for the exploitation of women's bodies: surrogacy, prostitution and sexual assistance (FGE Forum Génération Egalité)Collectif Féministe pour le Forum Génération Egalité2021/02/16Webinaire
Happycraty, from Epicure to Julien PeronFrançoise Mariotti (CZLR)2020/12/14Visiolecture
Autumn University 2020 at MontpellierCercle Zététique Languedoc-Roussillon (CZLR)2020/09/27Lectures
Forum of feminists to think tomorrowWorld March of Women2020/09/19Forum
The Travel and Knowledge cycleEric Lowen from the ALDERAN association2020/04/13Visiolectures
The demonstration on March 8, 2020 at Toulouse for the International Day of Struggle for Women's RightsOsez Le Féminisme 312020/03/08Demonstration
The gathering of sisters on March 7, 2020 at Folles saisons in ToulouseOsez Le Féminisme 312020/03/07Gathering
The demonstration on Saturday Novembre 23, 2019 for the elimination of the violence against women in ToulouseOsez Le Féminisme 312019/11/23Demonstration
The great summer game: spiritualism versus materialismThe associative bookstore "Le Salon de Lecture" at Bagnères de Bigorre"2019/08/16Philo cafe
The show 'Footsteps and Voices' at Bazar au Bazacle in ToulouseThe 'Les Voix de la Métamorphose' company and Osez Le Féminisme 312019/05/04Show
Cafeminist #4 :festive workshop around Valentine's DayOsez Le Féminisme 312019/02/14Cafeminist
The international day of women and girls in science at the engineer school 'INSA de Toulouse'INSA foundation2019/02/14Lecture and round table
Cafeminist #3 :workshop 'I am not a princess' and tasting a wafer of kings (queens ?)Osez Le Féminisme 312019/01/10Cafeminist
Why still be a feminist in 2018?PSYC & GENRE et Osez Le Féminisme 342018/05/22Cafeminist
The gender at school: from the mixed to the hidden inequalityFrançoise Mariotti (Psyc & Genre) with Jacques Gleyse, Professor of Education Sciences, University of Montpellier2018/03/06Cafe of gender
The international day of women and girls in science in ToulouseFFPU2018/02/11Scientific workshops and projection-debate
The need for recognitionFrançoise Mariotti (Psyc & Genre)2016/11/17Psycho cafe
The psychosociological approach to painFrançoise Mariotti (Psyc & Genre)2016/03/17Psycho cafe
Gattaca", is this society that awaits us?Maud Leguistin (ALDERAN association)2016/03/05Workshop-debate
Trip to the common gender stereotypesElsa Solal and Dominique Loiseau, animation by Françoise Mariotti (Psyc & Genre)2016/03/02Cafe of gender
No to prostitution systemGeneviève Duché, animation by Françoise Mariotti (Psyc & Genre)2016/02/23Debate cafe
Good intentions and desire for changeFrançoise Mariotti (Psyc & Genre)2016/01/21Psycho cafe
The cafes of gender are ten years oldFrançoise Mariotti (Psyc & Genre)2015/10/13Cafe of gender
The need of impossibleFrançoise Mariotti (Psyc & Genre) with Patrick Lymes, a Canadian psychologist2015/07/16Psycho cafe
The right to euthanasia, a human rightsEric Lowen (ALDERAN association)2015/07/08Lecture
Thermic, electrical, hybrid: nature of the engine of my child? Part 2Nicolas Gauvrit2015/03/21Lecture
Thermic, electrical, hybrid: nature of the engine of my child? Part 1Sylvie Martins2015/03/21Lecture
Investigate about the true nature of UFOsEric Maillot (CZT of the ALDERAN association)2015/02/28Lecture
The alien traces in questionSébastien Rouquette (CZT of the ALDERAN association)2015/02/28Lecture
What is a spatial belief?Eric Lowen (CZT of the ALDERAN association)2015/02/28Lecture
Astrology refuted by astronomyJean-Noël Sarrail (CZT of the ALDERAN association)2015/02/27Lecture
25 years since the Round Table, Apolin'heureAssociation Apolina2014/12/13Round Table
How to educate emotional intelligence?Françoise Mariotti (Psyc & Genre)2014/10/16Psycho cafe
Religiosities and driftsMichel Galtier et Alain Caumont (CZLR)2014/06/29Lecture
Are we programmed to be believers?Dominique Bouëtte (CZLR)2014/06/29Lecture
The place of scientific expertise in the current issues facing the social demand and the needs of policiesPatrick Augereau (CZLR)2014/06/29Lecture
Psychotherapy and personal development: which difference?Françoise Mariotti (CZLR)2014/06/29Lecture
Ethology, the science of animal behavior, does she apply to humans?Pierre Jouventin (CZLR)2014/06/28Lecture
Climate controversy: assessment and prospectsLionel Scotto (CZLR)2014/06/28Lecture
What if Hitler would win the war? Is History deterministic or contingent?ALDERAN association2014/05/06Philo cafe
Genre studies: debunk the misconceptionsMaud Léguistin2014/03/28Lecture
Women from Greece, Galatée Kazantzaki's gazeSimone Taillefer (Psyc & Genre)2014/03/11Cafe of gender
Are there religious roots for men-women inequality?ALDERAN association2014/03/04Philo cafe
Is courage exceptional?Françoise Mariotti (Psyc & Genre)2014/01/23Psycho cafe
Fight against violence against women. Understanding the psycho-traumatic consequences of violenceMuriel Salmona2013/12/10Lecture
Is guilt useful?Françoise Mariotti (Psyc & Genre)2013/11/21Psycho cafe
The itemisations of empathyFrançoise Mariotti (Psyc & Genre)2013/05/25Psycho cafe
Are religions successful sects?ALDERAN association2013/05/21Philo cafe
Psychotherapy and personal development: which difference?Françoise Mariotti (Psyc & Genre)2013/04/25Psycho cafe
Dignity of homosexualityEric Lowen (ALDERAN association)2013/04/24Lecture
Non-violence, how far?ALDERAN association2013/04/23Philo cafe
As human races do not exist, for which reasons is a person racist today?ALDERAN association2013/04/16Philo cafe
Can we live without forgetting? Is oblivion useful?ALDERAN association2013/03/26Philo cafe
Does chance advance us? What is the use of chance in our lives?ALDERAN association2013/03/19Philo cafe
Human Rights and Women's RightsEric Lowen (ALDERAN association)2013/03/09Lecture
Has science got a gender?Françoise Mariotti2013/03/09Lecture
Is feminism emancipator? An emancipatory struggle, a revanchist logic or a new-righteous ideology?ALDERAN association2013/03/05Philo cafe
What do others bring to me?ALDERAN association2013/02/26Philo cafe
Róża (Rose) movie at the cinéma ABC in ToulouseAssociation Apolina2013/02/02Cinema
Are utopias achievable?ALDERAN association2013/01/29Philo cafe
Is our society more violent?ALDERAN association2013/01/08Philo cafe
Singles and search via social networksSandrine Follère, Hélène Bueno, Erwane Morette-Monthubert2012/12/05Lecture
Do we really need culture?ALDERAN association2012/12/04Philo cafe
What is being a citizen? A voter card? a passport? an attitude?ALDERAN association2012/11/20Philo cafe
What is the single looking for the loving relationship?Sandrine Follère, Hélène Bueno, Erwane Morette-Monthubert2012/11/14Lecture
Why does poetry seem disappeared from our society? Is poetry only an orphan of media or is it a deeper disenchantment?ALDERAN association2012/11/13Philo cafe
Can the fear of death be overcome?ALDERAN association2012/11/06Philo cafe